Renovations of the Physics and Astronomy Building
The Physics and Astronomy Building. (photo circa 1930, courtesy Mr. Alan Noon, Western Archives)

Important Announcements and Critical Schedule Notices

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Updated, autumn of 2012

Renovations were officially completed by September, 2012, and the building was completely occupied by October.

Here is a brief video tour of our newly renovated building.


Updated Jan 12, 2012


Phase III of renovations began at the end of December, 2011. The south wing has for the most part been closed off for this final phase of renovations, so therefore the main south building entrance is closed to the public. The ultrasound lab will vacate their 3rd floor lab space  in February.

All other building entrances (SW, NW, NE, SE) are open, except the tunnel system, which remains closed to the public.

Please note that the new elevator, in the north wing of the building, is now operational, while the old elevator has been closed to public use.

Our main offices are located in their new premises in Rm. 138. You can access this via the north-east stairwell.

Physics and Astronomy stores is in it's new home, but old location, in PAB 28 in the east wing basement level.

General Introduction

After three years of planning, the renovations to the Physics and Astronomy building began on March 1, 2010. Essentially the entire interior of the building will be gutted and rebuilt. All of the windows and the roof will be replaced, but the building’s lovely stone exterior will not be changed. The project is projected to take about two and a half years to complete. At the end of it, we will have new research labs, new classrooms, new offices and meeting rooms, and new air conditioning. The courtyard in the center of the building will be covered over and turned into a multi-level interconnected common space for undergraduate students and all members of the department.

This web page is intended to provide you with general information about the progress of the project, as well as specific details about parts of the building that will be closed off, meetings, or other things that you might need to know about.